Diamond House, Arcola IL

Lynne and Bill Harshbargerand their son Dave and daughter Tammy run the B & B. There are two houses right next to each other. We stayed in the Diamond House. Parking is in the drive on the house side of the street.  The Emerald room was our choice. Many pillows ardorn the olive bed spread.  A shower is provided.

Check in is an unusually late 4:30 so we went to the Rockome Gardens about 4 miles west. Lunch at the place is an Amish fare with delicious homemade chicken noodles. Downtown Arcola is smaller than the smaller Amish town of Arthur 9 miles to the west. The Amish stores closed early at 4pm on Saturday and are not open on Sunday.

Dinner was north at a good Italian Restaurant 9 miles north in Tuscola . It is very inexpensive and delicious. We almost could leave the B & B because of the stubbornness of the key in the lock.

The B & B is famous for their 7 course breakfast. Quite the presentation with china and silver. We had Dutch sausage. Potato. Brussel spout. Tomato. Fruit cup. Kashi. Muffin. Angel biscuit. Waffle. Broccoli. Mushroom. Juice. Guest are expected to give self introductions and this opens the ice for a 90 minute meal.


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