Top O’ The Morning Bed & Breakfast Inn, Rock Island, Illinois

The view is Stunning over the City of Rock Island. Sam and Peg have lived in the place for 40 years are nice hosts with much knowledge of the houses and history of the area. The house is on a gated 3 acre lot.
The house is decorated with an Irish theme that makes you smile.

(309) 786-3513
1505 19th Avenue
Rock Island, Illinois 61201
The maps are essential as Rock Island is filled with ravines and the numbered streets and avenues can be confusing.
They do not take credit cards so plan with cash or a check in advance. We stayed in the Ethan Allen room.
The towels were soft and fluffy. The step in the shower/tub is high so be careful. It has a whirlpool made for one. There is no TV, but we didn’t need one anyway. The bed has long pillows which are more difficult to move around than the standard pillows. The bed is generally quiet and comfortable with four posts.
We ate at Johnny’s Italian Restaurant in the heart of the Downtown. The seafood dishes are excellent and recommended. The chocolate cake dessert was an excellent choice.
Breakfast was Breaded bacon, Baked apple, Cheese grits, Soda bread, Chocolate waffle. Peg makes a a different breakfast every week so request in advance.


glass door knobs
glass door knobs


View from the deck
View from the deck


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