Ellis Sanders House

The Ellis Sander House is run by Dave and Diane Owen. They require payment of $149 in advance by check or money order. No credit cards.
The Temple is not open to the public, but pictures are plentiful.

The House is one of the 350 built by Joseph Smith and Brigham Young when they lived in Nauvoo in the 1840’s. The feauture of the town is the large temple on the hill. The house is a three story Bed and Breakfast with guest quarters of two bedrooms on the second floor. Each bedroom has its own private bathroom but they are detached from the bedrooms.

There was a lovely cherry cheesecake waiting at 7 pm on the first night. It was delicious. Breakfast is a gourmet four course using organically grown veggies. We had fruit, Eggs Benedict, Homemade bread, and Juice.

The Owen’s recommended going to the visitor center and the wagon ride. Both are 5 star visits places to see. The Center and the Wagon rides are free. The wagon ride is an hour and the guides explain Nauvoo history along with the movie at the Visitor Center. The Hotel Nauvoo has an excellent buffet to eat at though no sneeze guards.

The robes at the B&B are excellent and nice to wear. The pillows are large and might be uncomfortable if used to a smaller one. Dave keeps the place spotless. The Garden room has no individual thermostat or ceiling fan. We opened the screenless windows to cool down. Check in is at four pm.


The Garden Room

The Garden Room

The wagon ride

The wagon ride






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One Response to “Ellis Sanders House”

  1. suzanne summers Says:

    I stayed in this bed and breakfast. It was so wonderful….I would recogmend it to anyone wanting to be treated like a King or Queen. A true 5 star experience!

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