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Irish Hollow Galena

December 31, 2015

Phone 815-777-6000

2800 S. Irish Hollow Rd. Galena, IL 61036

5 cottages and 3 guest bedrooms all sold out months in advance for the Christmas Holidays. No TV in the rooms is refreshing.

Tony and crew has quite the elaborate decorations. This is there 26 year in business.

We had a divine seven course meal at 7pm of beef in wine sauce, risotto,  berry sorbet (needs seeds strained out), tomato bisque, garden salad w 10+ ingredients, a dessert parfait.

Breakfast  was fruit and grain parfait with a pumpkin crepe and chicken and kale.

We didn’t know how to control the heat so it got hot in the night. Turning off the gas fireplace fixed that.

We could have used a small table for the toiletries.