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Stillman Inn Galena

January 1, 2017

We wanted to visit a B&B in Galena due to an opening in the schedule. This was #3 on yelp at the time. 6 of the 8 rooms in the 1850 brick home were sold out. They renovated the attic into the 8th room. It didn’t look historic but it has a large jacuzzi that we liked.


The breakfast was the entertaining part of the visit. Dave adds a flair to introducing people and serving breakfast. We have yogurt, turkey bacon, sausage, banana bread, and eggs with ham and cheese.

We enjoyed the food, jacuzzi, old house, Dave and Bernadine. Galena.

We ate at the Galena Brewery which offer six flights of beer. A great choice. Parking is tough in Galena so there are paid lots of $5-10. You could walk the 3/4 mile to the downtown on nice day, but it is uphill on the way back.

Need Improvement. Noise  from the US 20 trucks. Non working Fireplace. Cracked glass. Toilet close to wall. Memory foam mattress. A little cold at night.